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CivCraft Project

September 19, 2012

What started as a very small mod to a mod in Minecraft has grown into something more. In May of 2012 I started on a simple modification to the Towny plugin to allow a couple of small structures to be built using in-game commands. The idea was that I’d like players to be able to convert the gold they mined into currency which they can use to trade with each other and purchase upgrades for their town. We started with a simple bank structure that would exchange iron, gold and diamonds into coins, and a store structure where you could purchase different kinds of blocks. Instead of getting more blocks for your town by adding people, we decided to award blocks for purchasing the level of your town.

Now it has evolved into a full fledged Civilization inspired mod for Minecraft. It still piggy backs on top of Towny for block permissions, but I’m working at chipping it away as I replace and optimize it for my needs.

I’m currently in the progress of implementing wonders, culture, diplomacy and war.

Please check it out at

I plan to release the source code to the mod when its closer to being finished, for now though you can play the beta at the website.

EDIT: 6/20/2013: CivCraft does not contain any Towny code. The “author” of Towny, ElgarL has been linking to this post(Sept 2012) claiming that it means that the current version of CivCraft running on the ShotBow network uses stolen Towny code. This is a demonstrability false claim, in which I go over the details here. At the time of this post, avrgaming was hosting a minecraft server which used Towny to handle block permissions.

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